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Investment Company KOIN
Limited Liability Company

You can obtain the information which must be reported without fail at:
Russia, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya Street, 50/1, office 12
Telephone/fax: +7 (495) 225-2573

About the company

“Consulting. Assessment. Investments” LLC was registered by the Moscow Registration Chamber on February 26, 2001 (certificate of state registration No. 001.609.276).
On the basis of a decision of the general meeting of members of “Consulting. Assessment. Investments” LLC, the name of the company has been changed to Investment Company KOIN.
On March 22, 2010 Moscow Interdistrict Inspection of Federal Tax Service No. 46 made a record in the United State Register of Legal Entities about making the appropriate changes in the constituent documents of the company.
Investment Company KOIN provides a wide range of investment, appraisal, audit, and accounting services, and offers complex business solutions as well.

The main principle of our activity is support of a high professional level of our specialists. Combination of the gained experience and up-to-date business technologies allows us to keep and to multiply prosperity of our clients.

We are proud of the trust of our clients:
IBM Corp., OAO Sberbank of Russia, OAO Promsvyazbank, OOO Barclays Bank, CB Sovincom, CB Preodoleniye, CB Transportny, CB Tembr-Bank, OAO MNKhB, ITERA International Energy LLC, OAO Stroytransgas, Moscow Financial and Industrial Academy, OOO INNOTECH, Moscow State University of Economy and Informatics, Juris legal office, FPG New Transport Technologies.

The investment activity of Investment Company KOIN on the financial markets is carried out on the basis of the following licenses:

Investment services

Dealer operations on the stock market of the Russian Federation.
Having the status of a primary dealer of MICEX CJSC, we invest our own funds into different assets on the stock market of the Russian Federation for management of our own capital.

IPO (as a source of alternative financing)
We are ready to coordinate the interaction with stock exchanges and depositaries within the scope of IPO, coordination of actions of the issuer and investment consultants, development of a client’s investment brand.

Trust management in the securities market
Investment Company KOIN offers a range of strategies for effective management of assets balanced in terms, amounts and profitability, based on the preferences of investors. Acting on its own behalf and being a trust manager, Investment Company KOIN represents the interests of its client, a Settler, and is guided exclusively by the client’s interests and the applicable Russian legislation.

Brokerage service.
We offer an opportunity to our clients (naturals and legal entities) to carry out security trading at the major exchange marketplaces of the Russian Federation. We render support with operations of managing own funds on the financial market and our client makes decisions independently on how to manage its own securities portfolio.

Depositary service of clients’ assets
Opening and management of a depo account of the owner, a nominal holder, trust manager, accounting and certification of rights to operate the client’s securities. Depositary of Investment Company KOIN accounts and certifies transfer of rights to securities, registration of an encumbrance of securities. The depositary provides information on corporate actions of issuers in relation to clients’ securities.

Private banking

Private banking is a consolidating product for complex solution of tasks.
Private banking is an individual approach to solution of financial and managerial tasks of clients. Having rich experience and using up-to-date methods and taking part in partner programs in different spheres of activity, we help to avoid economic and legal risks in the process of business management.

Within the scope of Private banking we are ready to offer you:

And independent appraisal:

Project financing

Investment Company KOIN carries out a search for direct investments, design of a business plan to attract investments, renders consulting support in the field of business planning.

            Within the scope of project financing the company renders the following services:

            General audit conducted on the basis of the Russian and international accounting and tax standards.

Tax planning including tax consultations, recommendations for optimization of tax obligations, help when making claims against acts and decisions of tax bodies, consulting of clients when selecting an optimal way of investing.

Tax registration, restoration and assistance in accounting and tax bookkeeping consisting of preparation of accounting and tax statements for tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds, representation of interests in tax bodies and funds.

Legal support of business, ranging from expertise and establishment of contract work to representation of interests of clients in state bodies.

Family office

Family office is a service for people having their own business.
It is a unique opportunity to solve the whole complex of issues related to asset management, property, deposits, legal protection, education, medical care and solution of other administrative tasks of arranging the comfortable living space, while complying with the rule of full confidentiality!

Family office is based on the principle of “Trust manager”.
Trust manager is a trustee, a personal advisor and a strategist supervising: the financial department, a secretary, an accountant, real estate management department, a lawyer, personal security expert and home staff.
Tasks of the trust manager are coordination and creation of a general strategy including planning, development of the family wealth and business, protection of interests of the family members and transfer of capital to the future generations.

Due diligence and trust are the bedrock of the family office and a guarantee of wealth safekeeping!

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