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Such a service as Asset Trust Management emerged in the late 1920s and has become popular today. Private investors and their associations consider this form of asset management to be one of the most rational approaches to investments on the securities market. Our company offers asset management services to enterprises and individuals needing trust management of monetary funds or property.


Property Trust Management

A broad range of investors need Trust Management, therefore, property trust management services become more and more popular. In such cases, a professional portfolio manager manages the enterprise’s assets. The client entrusts its assets to an expert.
As a rule, it is the organizations and individuals having no sufficient qualification to make decisions related to such activities that need asset trust management services. When directors are very busy, asset trust management is an excellent way out. This solution will be good for any person taking care of his or her profits, be this company’s property trust management or trust management related to the control over a share in an enterprise.
Today trust management services are in great demand as competent money management can help yield a profit with the minimum risk involved. Asset management our Company offers is an efficient solution for you.

Enterprise Asset Management

When a portfolio manager exercises control over assets, this makes it possible to efficiently invest unallocated funds without any need to keep abreast of the cost of securities. You can choose trust management of a share in your enterprise to save trouble. Our clients are provided with full information about transactions and condition of the investment portfolio on a regular basis. The manager’s profit directly depends on the investor’s profit. In other words, trust management of your enterprise’s assets is a kind of activities we are engaged in yielding profit for both parties.
Securities trust management belongs to activities to be licensed in Russia. The investor and management company sign an asset management agreement, and then a personal account is opened for the client. According to the terms and conditions of this agreement, trust management of a capital share is a guarantee of the customer’s peace of mind.

Asset Trust Management

When an asset management agreement is signed, much attention is paid to the investment declaration. This declaration specifies a list of used financial tools and regulates the portfolio manager’s activities. The optimum investment period is over one year. Shorter periods do not allow using the investments potential on the securities market with proper efficacy. Capital trust management provides for the transfer of funds to the management company for the period of time defined in the agreement. However, according to the Russian Civil Code, asset management does not result in any transfer of the title to the property in trust. This means that the client is the official owner of the property.

Funds Trust Management

The Russian stock market attracts investors yet special knowledge is necessary to carry out independent activities on the securities market. In a situation like this, trust management services become an excellent solution. Professional companies having the necessary experience and access to the necessary information are in charge of asset management. Therefore, many company leaders choose securities trust management.
When you choose an asset management expert, it is advisable to turn your attention to the company work experience, quality and transparency of information. These factors will define the quality of           the work related to property trust management in future.
Our company is ready to offer trust management services to you under the best conditions. After learning about our investment strategies, you will see that entrusting property trust management to our experts will become a smart and beneficial solution for you.
When we sign a capital trust management agreement with our client, we take into consideration all possible risks in advance. For any case scenario, we will take care to avoid or minimize losses. Moreover, we will keep working to secure profits in spite of the falling market.
We offer trust management on an individual basis, and it is up to you to select the strategies based on the risk level. In any case, if you entrust us with managing your assets, we will ensure the optimum risk to profit ratio.
Our experts have gained extensive experience enabling us to exercise trust management at a high level. By entrusting our company with managing your company’s assets, you will obtain a personal manager focused on the goals you set. You will be provided with regular reports on the condition of your funds. Monetary funds trust management involves a guarantee of confidentiality.
We are ready to manage assets under the conditions being favorable for our client: we develop the investment strategy taking into account individual needs, and the necessary information is provided at the early stage of our activities. Property trust management and funds trust management will be carried out on a competent basis.
When managing assets, we are focused on the reliability and profitability principles first of all. Monetary funds trust management provides a high income.

Shares Trust Management

If your goal is to keep your capital intact, we recommend shares trust management. To prevent the inevitable risk on the stock market, many individuals prefer signing securities trust management agreements. It is difficult to ensure absolute security because stock exchange indices depend on a lot of factors. However, shares trust management can help you avoid most of the problems. Our Company offers shares trust management services to you under profitable conditions.
We are ready to discuss the contractual terms and conditions and sign an agreement for funds trust management or property trust management services taking into consideration all of your requests.



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