Средневзвешенная цена акций в Секции фондового рынка ММВБ

Circulation of promissory notes (purchase/sale)

IC KOIN LLC focuses its efforts on the following financial products and tools on the debt market: promissory notes, warehouse warrants, bonds, mortgage documents, fixed-term contracts and other derivatives of the financial and commodity assets as well as technologies and schemes with the use of the aforesaid.

When conducting our activities and operations with promissory notes we comply with the following documents:

We collect, process, analyze and distribute information about the market of promissory notes as well as players on the market of promissory notes (makers of promissory notes, guarantors of promissory notes, acceptors and endorsers) according to the Operational Instruction issued by the Bank of Russia under No. 170-T on June 9, 1999 (as amended by the Instruction issued by the Bank of Russia on October 3, 2001 under No. 120-T) as well as information about securities withdrawn from their legal holders against the will of the latter. Moreover, we prepare methodical and program documents on the circulation of promissory notes for our clients.

Our consultations and expert conclusions on issues related to the circulation of promissory notes render great assistance in practical circulation of promissory notes. Our business relations and reputation as a bona fide player on the securities market are extremely beneficial for our clients.

Organization of loans

To implement capital-intensive investment projects, you can use our services related to the organization of open market funding in the form of a loan making it possible to solve the following problems:

  • attracting funds on a middle-term and long-term basis
  • diversifying the resource base
  • forming the public credit history
  • reducing the loan cost

Acting as an agent on the corporate finance market, we are ready to offer a broad range of services both at the stage of attracting monetary resources and in the course of further debt service:

  • financial and legal consultations at all stages of the project implementation including preparation of recommendations on the type and parameters of the loan
  • preparing and approving candidates of companies to act as financial/legal advisers, organizers, underwriters, paying agents, market makers, etc.
  • preparing all necessary documents including emission documents in case of a bonded loan
  • coordinating relations with persons engaged in the implementation of the financing project
  • disclosing information in compliance with the current regulatory documents

IC KOIN LLC is ready to consider offers to buy or sell promissory notes issued by the leading issuers.


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