Средневзвешенная цена акций в Секции фондового рынка ММВБ

Taking into account the shortage of both human and financial resources needed to solve issues related to problem (bad) assets, IC KOIN LLC offers techniques to improve the quality as well as liquidity, cost and profitability of such assets.

We will act as an investment adviser and independent appraiser for you. Our partnership program provides for any aspects related to crisis management of your portfolio of bad assets reflecting the balance sheet dynamics.

You can also get temporary data in the form of a structured database of bad assets, and the method we apply will help you repeat this approach in simulated models for your branches.

Our accreditation with the Moscow Self-Regulating Organization of Professional Bankruptcy Commissioners (a non-profit partnership, Certificate OTs No. 210 as of October 15, 2008) confirms our experience of work with tangible and intangible assets.


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