Средневзвешенная цена акций в Секции фондового рынка ММВБ

We offer professional services on the securities market for insurance companies to increase their share of income from investments in the structure of profits.

According to the Regulations for Insurance Companies Regarding the Allocation of Funds from Insurance Reserves under No. 100n approved by the Russian Finance Ministry on August 8, 2005, insurance companies can allocate insurance reserves on their own as well as by means of transferring a part of funds to a management company for trust management. Funds from insurance reserves transferred to trust management can amount up to 20% of the total insurance reserves.

We understand that insurance obligations make the insurance company’s investment portfolio particularly risk sensitive. The ratio of the insurer’s assets and undertaken insurance obligations is the most important factor determining the investment process.

Attracting a professional manager to managing insurance reserves, insurance companies have an opportunity to improve the efficacy of their investments. We are ready to provide the following extra opportunities at the disposal of our clients being insurance companies:

access to vast resources in the professional environment on the marketable securities market

long-term management strategy taking into consideration the financial standing and other individual characteristics of your insurance company

monitoring and regular rebalancing of your investment portfolio according to changes within the asset distribution structure and insurance obligations

The cost of our services depends on the cost of assets to be transferred to trust management, and it consists of two parts taking into consideration the investment strategy to be agreed upon with the client:

Management fee to be calculated as a percentage of the cost of net assets and to compensate for the trust manager’s internal expenses

Trust manager’s remuneration to be calculated as a percentage of the profit yielded


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